månadsarkiv: maj 2017

SKK Int Gimo 27/5 2017

Skk Int. Gimo.
Falamandus One-Kick Chick, Ofelia won her class ang ended up 2 BB with CQ.
Terlianzo Bright and Steady, Kharma 4 BB with CQ. Owner Annika Bergman.
Terlianzo Billy The Kid Is Ready , Lemmy ended up as 4 BD with CQ.
Judge for today: Weng Woh Chan
Supercritics on all 3 !

NKK Nat Bergen 21/5 2017

Happy news from Norway again
”Alli” Terliazo Alli One BOS at
NKK Nat Bergen 21/5 2017 Jippi!!!
Owner and super handler Solvi Evensen
Judge Hassi Assemacher-Feyel.


BOB Nuch Kuai Le Gou’s Ab Fab Astor of Kaspar
BOS Nuch Terlianzo Alli One
Photo: Örjan Kramer